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Why not travel?

About me: 

Laguna 69, Peru

Laguna 69, Peru.

Hi guys! My name is Susan de Wit and welcome to my brand new site!

After a lot of asking and not to mention nagging from family and friends I have finally started a Travel blog, yay! This will be the place where I will start to share my crazy but amazing travel stories, maybe some helpful tips, my well found deep epiphanies and if I manage to take some nice photos, those too of course. I have been traveling to many countries all by my lonesome, but I can honestly say I was never ever lonely. I absolutely love traveling alone and I want to show you that it is not as scary as it sounds. As I am also a newborn veggie and a sports addict so you can also expect some ideas on how to stay fit during your long term travels or how to be a veggie abroad. And yes, it’s both harder then it sounds!

I really hope, you will be able to find some inspiration and courage to take on an adventure on your own after reading my stories. Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl, traveling alone is something I believe everyone should experience at least ones in a lifetime.

If you are thinking about traveling, but you would like some help with courage or planning your trip/route, I know it can be daunting but I’m here to help! Just get in touch with me and keep an eye out for my website as it is still under construction.

A little bit of my history:

Well, where to start? If I am perfectly honest, I am NOT one of those people that saves up for many years and then packs her bags and leaves everything behind. I have had this aversion towards the corporate world from when I was 17 years young so I thought, how else can it be done? Easy! I have always been able to combine work and travel. Think like; work in a ski resort in Austria for 6 months, travel for 3/4 months afterwards. Work in England for an airline, use the airline discount to explore the available seats on whichever aircraft flies that day or work as a holiday rep in Greece and just chill your ass off during breaks. I can hear you think, hm well yeah, but you work abroad, is that really traveling? Yes it is! Why not? Just enjoy your time off exploring the area or country, save up some money so that the other 6 months of the year, you are perfectly allowed to bum around doing whatever you want on some beautiful island.

So now what?

After traveling South America for 4 months, I thought, yes! Normal life here I come. Find a job, find a house, settle down that’s the way to go for me. 4 months in to this “task” and I started to feel really unhappy. After long talks with my amazing and supportive friends we all decided that a normal life is just not for me. In a whimp I decided to apply for a job in Japan, and 3 days later, I was hired! As this job is on the other side of the world, the logical step will be to not plan a return home because there is so much to see and so much to do. So that’s it, The start of my never to return travels, Let the planning commence ieeee!

Some fun facts about me: 

  • I am in my dirty thirties.
  • I have a bucket list 
  • On my bucket list is EVERYTHING a person can do in the world (yes everything!)
  • This bucket list was inspired by the movie “yes man”
  • I absolutely love snowboarding and mountains.
  • I don’t really like the walking part of hiking but I do like the views on top of a mountain.. so that’s why I walk up.
  • Because I was bored in normal life, I decided to do a 1/2 iron man
  • I love sleeping on sleeping busses.
  • I’m really nervous every time I fly.
  • All the photos are my own photos, unless stated otherwise